The Eskasoni School Board is currently accepting applications for the position of Night Janitor.  For more information on position duties and requirements, and/or to apply, please see the attached file below.

Closing date:  December 12, 2019 at 3:30pm.

The Eskasoni School Board is currently accepting applications for the position of Bus Driver.  Must have a valid Bus Driver's license (Class 2B) endorsed with air brakes.  For more information about positional duties and requirements, and/or to apply, please see the attached file below.  

Closing date:  December 12, 2019 at 3:30pm.


The Eskasoni School Board is looking for casual teacher substitutes to be available for work on short notices for all levels from K to 12.  Please apply if you are interested in being added to the substitute list. The substitute teacher will carry out all the duties and functions of that teacher and will ensure to work with the established curriculum framework to maximize student learning experiences.

For more information and/or to apply, please follow the link below.

The International Year of Indigenous Languages is a United Nations observance in 2019 to raise awareness of the consequences of the endangerment of Indigenous Languages across the world, with an aim to establish a link between language, development, peace, and reconciliation.

To bring awareness to this important cause, students at Allison Bernard Memorial High School in Eskasoni, Cape Breton recorded Paul McCartney’s Blackbird in their native Mi’kmaq language with the help of the Eskasoni School Board’s Mi’kmaq Language and Culture Consultant Katani Julian.  The song quickly went viral, shining a light on issues with the preservation of Indigenous languages across the world, and also shining a light on the talents of Emma Stevens and the other students in the music and multimedia programs. 

The project drew the attention of the United Nations, who invited Emma Stevens for a performance and to speak at the UN-Habitat Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.  In her speech, Emma brought attention to the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and the Red Dress movement before singing the Mi’kmaq Honor song.   She also spoke about the rapid loss of language in Indigenous communities, and how we must act now to preserve the Mi’kmaq language.

The Blackbird cover also drew the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who shared the project on social media, and of news outlets across the nation.  Her story has been to date one of the most virally shared news-stories in Canada this year.  Most notably, Sir Paul McCartney himself gave recognition to the project; who after praising Emma’s cover during a live performance, has extended an invitation to Emma to come to a performance in Vancouver on July 6 with special VIP tickets including a meeting with the man himself. 

When asked her thoughts on the recognition from Sir Paul McCartney, Emma kept it short and sweet, “It’s cool”, she said as she gave two thumbs up.  Carter Chiasson, ABMHS music teacher, who plays guitar on the track had a bit more to say about the shoutout; “It’s crazy.  I am such a huge, huge fan of The Beatles and now Paul McCartney has heard me play the guitar.” 

Emma’s favorite part of how big this project has gotten has been the traveling, “Kenya was lots of fun, I got to learn a lot.  My favorite part would have to be when we went to the giraffe sanctuary.  It’s really cool being able to sing in so many different places and to know people are actually listening and hearing our language”.  With this project gaining so much steam, bookings are coming in from all over from people looking for Emma to speak and perform at events, next up is a Canada Day event in Ottawa, ON, which will be her second performance there in as many weeks.  She recently received confirmation about a performance at the Pan-American Games in Lima, Peru later this month.  Emma will be one of a dozen or so indigenous youth going to represent Canada, but she will be the only one of them representing Canada as a non-athlete.

Aside from the many performances coming up in the near future, Emma is looking forward to recording more songs, especially more original songs.  Plans are currently in the works for ABMHS to record another song and video project.  We are looking forward to seeing and hearing all the great things ahead for Emma and everyone else in the ABMHS music and multimedia programs!

Pathways in Technology, Early College High School (PTECH) is a new education model offering integrated high school and college curriculum focusing on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) while also providing workplace skills including leadership, communications and problem solving. This is a for High School Students beginning in Grade 9. Mentorship will be facilitated by Mi’kmaw Economic Benefits Office and Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey (MK).  Upon completion the grads will be transforming the education landscape and be equipped with the skills needed for future jobs with IBM and other ICT companies.  

For more information on this new program, and to register:



Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey are currently accepting applications for the Sister Dorothy Moore Mi'kmaq Education Scholarships and for the Donald Marshall Sr. Memorial Scholarship fund.  

The closing date for applications is August 21, 2019.  Award recipients will be notified on or before October 1st.  

For more information and to apply, please open the file posted below.  

Attached is a file containing dates and information of end of school year events happening in Eskasoni.

This award is open to all 5-12 year old Mi'kmaq children of Nova Scotia.  The first place winner receives a trophy and $250.00, second place receives a trophy and $175.00, and third place receives a trophy and $125.00.  If you have or know of a child who has made an achievement in any of the following categories:  Sports, School, Humanitarian, Environmental efforts, etc., please open and complete the application form.  

Also attached is an application for the Sammy Gehue Grade 12 Graduate Scholarship.  One $750.00 Scholarship will be awarded.  Please open the application file for more information on eligibility criteria and to apply.

The Eskasoni School Board is accepting applications to hire Early Childhood Educator positions for the 2019-20 school year. The ECE will work cooperatively to support the lead teacher in the new full time kindergarten program. The ECE will provide support for creating inclusive and responsive early learning and engaging environment for children with diverse needs.

Please see the attached file for more information about the position and how to apply or click on the below link.

Early Childhood Educator

Nova Scotia Community College is looking to hire a Student Recruitment Coordinator.  There is strong interest in hiring a person with good knowledge of the Mi'kmaq communities.  

For more information on the position and how to apply, please visit their posting at:  

NSCC Student Recruitment Coordinator position

Deadline for Applications is June 13, 2019.


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